A New Chapter

To borrow the old saying above, when you move from one city to another, a new chapter emerges, whether you are ready for it or not. Honestly, I thought that this new chapter, or season so to speak would be move difficult than it has been. More tears, sorrow, and the angst of learning all things new… yet it almost feels like I have come home, to a new home, with so many new things all around me to boggle my mind, yet there is a peace. Reassuring, refreshing, and reinvigorating! I feel like I did when I first entered HS or went to college! It feels like I have been given a new adventure to take part in! I am not naive to think that there will not be days of sorrow, tears in remembering times spent with friends who did not move with us (if only that was a possibility!).

Moving is change, and change is needed to have a healthy life. Sadly, I think I chose anxiety and anger over embracing change (and mourning the loss of what was no longer) too often in my past. In the months leading up to this move, I found myself thinking about what kind of life I want here. Not to reinvent myself completely (I am quite happy with who I am), but rather to take the next step in living with intention. No longer waiting to start that blog (although, I must admit that moving does help with supplying more than enough bloggable topics). No longer waiting to get up to walk and do yoga, consider going back to school, volunteer because I love to do it, and help the neighbors rake their leaves… just taking the next right step.

Life is all about what we make of the constant changes, we can either chose to take the next right step in creating the life we want or just float along in the wake of everyone else’s changes, accepting personal changes as a punishment rather than a natural course of life. One difficult lesson I have learned more times than care to admit is that I need to make the life I want, not the one my friends are making, or want…  It can look similar or very different, in the end, I must be happy with what I chose. Each chapter has many steps to the next chapter, and while the thinking of the chapter as a whole can be overwhelming, it is meant to be taken just one step at a time.

What is your next right step in this chapter of life?


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