Focusing on the Positive

After last night, there are so many words that could be used to describe what happened, yet there are not enough words to make it feel okay. That being said, I am following the footsteps of Elizabeth Gilbert and focusing on the good in me, in others, and in this world…

Thinking through this past week and the moments that make me smile, one stands out. Last Friday night, my husband and I went to a Community Center for a Craft Show, it was a quaint little place, with the old school gym and walking track above. A live Jazz Band was playing, there was good wine (not your typical $5 bottles) and snackages. The arts and crafts were practical and affordable; the atmosphere was festive! An auctioneer was attempting to get everyone around to buy tickets and get them riled up for the drawing. One of the prizes was a 6-pack of gluten free beer…

Since it was Friday night we headed over to the wine. The lady, let’s call her Debbie, asked what kind we would like. As I was looking over the selection I noticed several of the wine corks just sitting on the table and not the plastic kind, the actual cork ones. I asked her  that if they weren’t planning on recycling them, if I  could have them. She suddenly leaned forward and asked me why. At first, I felt that perhaps I overstepped the line by asking, but I went ahead and told her that I use them for crafting. She got very excited and told me that she had several boxes and bags full or corks. She said that her husband had been begging her for years to get rid of them. And that she was planning to go home around 7pm and I could stop by and pick them up.

Pretty sure that my mouth hung open for a moment before I recovered. My thought pattern was that she was just being polite, but then she gave me her address. She said that she would leave the light on for us and the corks on the porch. I took down her address and wondered if this what safe smart people do? Go to a strangers house and take stuff of their porches. You only live once though, right?! So after 7pm, we headed that way and picked up the corks.

Now, I know that some people may think that I am crazy for being so happy about boxes and bags of real corks. The fact of the matter is that many wine companies are using synthetic corks and the real ones are becoming more difficult to find. Crafts stores know this and have capitalized on this fact by selling them at a high price. So while real corks are available, it just isn’t financially feasible, nor does it feel authentic to use store bought corks the usually aren’t stained with wine.

In the end, Debbie’s hospitality to a complete stranger touched me. She could have donated her corks to a liquor store to be made into a floor or something… yet she chose to reach out with trust and offer something that would bring me joy. Something that would allow me to continue to create… One person, one stranger to another. Why?! So, I would pay her? Write a blog about her? No, because she had something that would benefit someone else, so she gave freely, no strings attached.

Today, I ask myself: what small thing can I do to help and bring joy to someone around me?

Today, I ask you: what small thing can you do to help and bring joy to someone around you?


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