10 Things About My New Hometown

  1. People like to walk their cats on leashes. #hipsters
  2. Instead of using the traditional “open” & “closed” signs for store-fronts, people use “yep” & “nope.” #original
  3. There will always be at least 3 dogs outside waiting on their owners at Whole Foods. #puppylove
  4. The selection of Hard Cider is amazing and greatly appreciated! #ilovecider
  5. I learned that Mary Jane is more than just style of shoes. #noididnotmovehereforthepot
  6. A little bit of water in a clear plastic sandwich bag tacked to the top of a doorway will stop bugs from flying inside. #seriously
  7. There are “reserved for employee carpool” signs for parking spots at the nearby Fred Meyers. #greencity
  8. When you stay at an Air B&B here, the owner has a certificate that allows him to “Collect Transient Lodging Tax,” (apparently, there are no better words to use than transient!) #ivealwayswantedtobeatransientadult
  9. People like to ride their bikes while talking on their cell phones. And no, I don’t mean that they are utilizing blue tooth or headphones, they like it old school -holding the phone up to their ear with the other hand on the handle bar. #notsmart
  10. And lastly, with the election this week, the city of Portland (and I assume the rest of Oregon as well) votes by way of drop boxes; that’s right, physical boxes in which to place your ballot. #nolinestowaitin

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