The Pumpkin Dilemma of 2016

Perhaps I was too naive or too hopeful… either way, in the end, I am disappointed and pumpkin-seedless.

Its deja vu of 4 years ago when we moved from one part of town to another part of town. For anyone who has moved, even across town, and particularly with another person, you know that it is an all-consuming effort. And 4 years ago, in the midst of all the chaos, Halloween came and went, and so did all the pumpkins.

We went to every store searching for a pumpkin larger than an apple, we finally found one and then the cashier person broke my heart when I was told that it was a decorative pumpkin and not for sale… thankfully, the produce guy was asked and I can only assume after seeing the distress on my face, gave me the pumpkin for free! Have I mentioned that I love Whole Foods?!

Let me explain, I love pumpkins, I love pumpkin seeds, I love my pumpkin pie with home-made whipped cream, I love the color of pumpkin, I love the smell of pumpkin, I love gooeyness of cleaning out pumpkins seeds, I love brining pumpkin seeds, I love baking pumpkin seeds, and I love eating pumpkins seeds!

And no, store-bought pumpkin seeds are not the same; I ask of you, don’t even go there!

Well, back in September when the “Oh my goodness, we may be moving across the country in a few weeks” happened, I went and bought a pumpkin. Alas, baking pumpkin seeds does not mix with the distraction of packing, and the seeds turned out “okay” if I am being generous.

Then we moved, 40 hours of driving, 7 days at an Air B&B, moving our stuff twice, settling in, me applying and interviewing for jobs, Halloween happened, and now Thanksgiving is almost here.

I did look for a pumpkin at several stores and they were all out. It made me sad. Referring to my opening statement, it appears that I was naive to think that such a green city would not believe the lie that the rest of the country believes: pumpkins are ONLY for Halloween. What happened to Thanksgiving and/or just the joy of pumpkins in the cooler weather? A pumpkin can live quite contentedly until January. This I know from experience. Why is it that the day after Halloween, or as it appears here, not enough pumpkins were ordered, are they collected and taken away???

This morning on my walk I saw several large pumpkins on people’s porches and I wondered, just maybe, if I was super quiet and quick, would notice if I brought one home with me?! I would share the seeds of course!  Or, maybe… or, probably not… but at least the pumpkin would have lived a life with more purpose than a decoration!

This is totally a first-world problem, as I have actually gotten a pumpkin each year in some form or fashion. I think that I long for an endless supply of pumpkins and pumpkin seeds though. I struggle with being limited to having pumpkins and pumpkin seeds only for 1-2 months a year. Silly growing and harvesting seasons… and people believing that pumpkins don’t belong in November.

Guess I will distract myself with Christmas to ease the pain and set a calendar reminded on my phone to buy 12 pumpkins day 1 of September 2017…



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