Chicken fil A

I didn’t grow up with Chick fil A as so many of my current friends did, yet when I moved to the South about 10 years ago I realized what I had been missing… Political stances aside, Chick fil A makes great chicken sandwiches and waffles fries!

When we began looking to move to Portland my heart was saddened, because at that time there were no Chick fil A’s in the area (again, it is the little things in life). Thankfully, this liberal city saw, or rather tasted, the value Chick fil A could bring to the city and there are now 3 different locations! That being said, the closest one is still 25-30 minutes away.

Yesterday, I decided to run errands that just “happened” to be near the Chick fil A and let’s be honest, how I could be so close and not stop in to see an old friend?!

Little did I realize how much a familiar restaurant would feel so good, so stabilizing… I drove up to it and I couldn’t help but to smile. 🙂

Call me crazy, but I have yet to find another restaurant in the Portland area that does good fried chicken or hot chicken (its a Nashville thing), or even just chicken for that matter. And while I am excited about all the new restaurants here, I still need my fried spicy chicken sandwich fix every now and then…

One of my favoritist (yes, I did make up that word) people in the world is a 4 year old boy. When I used to take him to Chick fil A, he would call it “Chicken fil A,” and ever since then, that is what I call it to.

So, if you are still a North-Westerner and have not tried the Chicken fil A, please do, it is truly a gift from the South!






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