Subaru City

It’s hard not to notice the abundance of Subarus here, it feels as though every third car you see is a Subaru (and yes, I had to google how to spell that). I have always liked Subarus, but Portland takes this “liking” thing to a whole new level! Old Subarus, New Subarus, Clean Subarus, Dirty Subarus, Sporty Subarus with bike racks, Subarus with one bumper sticker, and Subarus with 100s of bumper stickers. For a city who embraces be individual unique self, there is a common thread -Subarus. Perhaps that’s why they use so many bumper stickers, so each one can be as individualized and unique as they are.

I feel preppy, yep, that is how I feel. When I drive my Honda… any other city and my car would be categorized as sensible, possibly even smart. Here, its feels like a fake, that I am just pretending to be authentic and definitely not outdoorsy because its a newer sleeker model. My car is not older with the rugged characteristic that would allow it to fall into the classification of outdoorsy.

Someday, maybe I will have a Subaru, hopefully by then they will have added a couple hundred different colors so I can tell mine apart from the other 10 Subarus in the parking lot. Until then, I will have to settle for preppy…

P.S. I love Subaru Commercials


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