The Truth is that Life Sucks at Times

The above is how I feel this morning, which is especially sad when the sun is out and shining brightly. Yet, no matter the pep talk I just feel blah… I feel blah because of the words and behavior of people around me. Some walk around arrogantly, living life as if its only their opinion that matters. Others walk around feeling that their actions don’t affect those around them, hence they should not be held responsible for anything. And still others who  walk around as if its their life goal to make you think you’re the crazy one…

I feel small right now and I know that its because a lot of lies (many told to protect themselves from reality) are trying to tell me that I am the crazy one, the emotional one, the high-maintenance one, the codependent one…

The truth is we all deserve to be around those people who believe that we are worth being present for, and not far away in some other thought. The truth is I am enough, in all my glorious brokenness, I am enough of a person to be valued and of worth. The truth is that I need to ask myself why am I accepting behavior from others that I would not accept in myself (crappy, degrading behavior)? The truth is that I have done that far too long in several relationships. The truth is that I have a choice to change that. The truth is that nothing will change until I make a change. The truth is that its my responsibility (no one else’s but mine) to make the changes needed for the life I want and need. The truth is that life sucks at times.

I think this concept is hitting me anew due to my new hometown. I don’t feel nested, hence I don’t feel “safe.” I love my new hometown, but the familiar people, places, and food just aren’t here.  The truth is that life sucks at times.

Thankfully, this too shall pass, and tomorrow will come, rain or shine, it will come. There will be good days and bad days, and days where I just want to shout: “The truth is that life sucks at times!”



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