Different Times; Different Technology

Yesterday, I stopped at Whole Foods to grab a snack before an event. I was checking out and using Apple Pay as I usually do, when an older man (early 60’s) behind me desperately asked “Did you just pay with Apple Pay?” “Yes” I replied. He then asked me to show him how to use it on his phone, because he set it up, but could never figure out how to pay with it. I showed him how and he was ecstatic! He said that when he tried to use it before it would bring up Siri, or other apps. I told him I understood and had the same issues early on.

We parted ways and I began thinking about my first experience with this fabulous, yet at times, confusing technology. The first time I was at another store trying to check out with Apply Pay, I was getting the evil eye from the Cashier as there were several people behind me. I finally caved and paid with my card. Perhaps that Cashier didn’t know how to use Apply Pay, but most likely he did, so then why did he not offer to help?! This occurred several times in a row at the same store: me turning red embarrassed that I couldn’t figure it out, the Cashier’s evil eye, impatient (okay, maybe I made that part up) people behind me waiting, and me finally caving and paying with a card.

It was frustrating to say the least, my husband would attempt to show me at home, but alas, when I was at the store and put “on the spot” I couldn’t get it to work. Until, a Cashier kindly and patiently walked me through the steps of what to do and told me what not to do too.

And now, I use it all the time! I guess what I am trying to say is that we are all different, born at different times, with different technology and access to that technology. And while technology helps us accomplish more, perhaps, at times, its pushing us too fast. So fast that we don’t see the woman or older man struggling to use Apple Pay and offer to help.

Isn’t that the point to most of the technological objects we have? To get stuff done quickly so we can spend time with each other? Next time I use Apply Pay and all the times after that, I hope I remember that older man, who needed help with something I could help him with because I recognized in him what was in me before.

Who is the “older man” in your life today? And what “technology” can you help them with?





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