Holiday Cheating

My husband and I cheated on Thanksgiving and decorated for Christmas this past weekend. It was easier than one might think. Perhaps, its because Thanksgiving tends to be more work than its worth. Also, I just don’t like Turkey. Deep fried, its tolerable, but that is about it.  Although, fried Okra is another story completely (there are some things I do miss about the south) (p.s. I used to live the in a town that held the “Okra Strut” every year).

Holidays can be difficult, families dramatic, and more energy is put forth for the “perfect” holiday then “fuzzy” feelings returned… My best holidays were the ones spent away from home, either with other friends and their families, or quite honestly, completely by myself!

This year we were quite relieved to be free from family obligations and just take a day off to hike and make Chicken Parmesan and Pumpkin Pie with homemade whipped cream (some things shouldn’t be limited to just one holiday)!

We may end up sharing our pie with some co-workers, but for the majority of the day we are on our own. And that sounds like the perfect holiday to me as we approach the even more busy, more crazy Christmas/New Year Holiday!

This year my husband and I decided to actually attempt to celebrate Christmas and enjoy all of the festivities that go with it. Usually, we decorate, but that’s it -quite lack luster. It felt that the only places that were festive were store, and we just aren’t shoppers…

This year are we those weird neighbors who blast Christmas music in November?! Why, yes, yes we are! Ironically, as much as we want to enjoy the Christmas season, its not about the gifts. No, seriously, it isn’t. Several years we haven’t done the traditional gift giving. For us the season is about being with those we care about, enjoying good food and wine, and attempting to sing carols even if we’re off tune.

This Christmas should be good, after all, it will be what we make of it. And I don’t know about you, but I have spent far too many holidays making other people happy and attempting to meet unrealistic expectations. Not this year, this year the season will be filled with joy, peace, people we like to be around, food, wine, and probably most likely, hiking!

Do you ever cheat on Thanksgiving? What kind of Christmas will you have this year?




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