Hiking at Forest Park

Every weekend we attempt to go for a hike, usually 2-4.5 miles. Nothing too serious, just enough to make us feel adept at “naturing.” This weekend we decided to go to Forest Park, which is still a challenge, because the GPS still can’t direct us to the main entrance. And we can’t remember from our vacation last year, which leaves us driving around for 20 plus minutes, but I digress…

Here are several things from our hike this weekend:

1- One Coyote (seriously, it was wondering a hillside neighborhood trying to find Forest Park just like we were. They should put up signs!)

2-Two adults trying to find said Park.

3- Three Christmas Trees tied to SUVs on the extra long route to the Park.

4-Four Humongous Slugs on the trail that we almost stepped on (seriously 4-6 inches long!)

5-Five dogs on the trail without a care in the world (if we could only live life like them).

I never grew up hiking and have only been doing it for just over 2 years now, and I must say that I adore it. Sometimes the thought of hiking in the rain or snow is less than appealing. Thankfully, my husband has more discipline than me!  Each weekend we get to be outside, be in nature, seeing animals, seeing people, smelling the fresh air and I wouldn’t trade it for all the Saturday Cartoons in the world!


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