When we moved to Portland just over a month ago, we wanted it to feel more official than just shelling out a bunch of money for a place to live. The obvious place to go is to the DMV, change our IDs, etc… However, it was the weekend and the DMV was closed. That left us two nerds headed for the library!  Seriously, we were so proud of our library cards and the “Portlander” status it gave us!

A month in and the year is slipping away, so we check the website, and the transition from the South to the Pacific Northwest appeared easy enough. Easy, until my husband’s co-worker told him that we would have to take a “drivers test”… WHAT?!?!?! (this is the part where we freak out and begin to think that we will fail and never ever drive again…)

After doing some research, the odds are in our favor. There are 35  questions on this “drivers test” and one must get 28 correct to pass. Once you hit the 28 mark, the test is over… And after doing to “studying” of the materials, I think I can say with 89% accuracy that we will pass. If not, that was a wasted $5…

Well, people say we all want to be young again, and I never thought that I would feel like I did when I was 16 again, but now I do!



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