A Morning Chat

This morning I was able to catch up with my dearest friend back home, (scratch that), back in Nashville -my used to be home. We hadn’t spoken in over a week and wanted to catch up about Thanksgiving, etc… After our 30 minutes conversation, we hung up and went on with our lives in our respective cities… which is weird, because we used to go on with our lives together, in the same city… Sunday mornings typically provided us with time to go hiking, swimming, or to just hang out.

Denial… I think everyone lives in a huge amount of denial when they move. I chose denial to handle the fact that it may be months or even years before my friend and I would go hiking together again, drink herbal teas, or watch Harry Potter (she is another late HP fan like myself). While I am grateful that we are both phone people, its not the same.

When I chose to move, it meant that our friendship would not be the same, it would be good, but not the same… with that reality comes grief. And grief just sucks… Denial is quite nice for awhile, but somehow reality always catches up.

Today is the day that reality caught up…


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