Oregonian At Last

This week, Wednesday to be exact, I became an official Oregonian. This is the 4th state that I have been “apart” of, yet it feels as though it means something different this time.

I grew up in New York and learned how to drive there, failing my drivers test once; acing it the second time.

Then I transferred my belonging to South Carolina during Graduate School to practice my newfound freedom of being a single adult.

When I was married we moved to Tennessee a few months later where after a year I finally decided that I should “belong.”

Now, rather than wait the 60-90 days here to change my D.L. over, I wanted to, not as an act of independence or because the deadline is long past, but rather, because I wanted to.

While this city still overwhelms me at times, it feels like home as no other place has and I am very thankful to call myself an Oregonian at last!

P.S. My husband and I both passed the written drivers test that everyone is required to take. I got 100%, he got 1 question wrong, not that anyone is keeping score! 😉



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