Christmas in Our New Home Town

This year we are in our new home town (Portland, OR), with no “friends” nor family nearby… Thanksgiving came and went with little thought on the day of to the absence of friends and family. However, Christmas and the New Year have brought more angst that I had anticipated. I just spoke to one of my friends in Nashville where we caught up and shared holiday plans. Or rather, in both our cases, our yet to be planned holidays…

If we were still in Nashville, we would be getting together with my husband’s family per the “holiday rotation” schedule for Thanksgiving & Christmas. We would attempt to plan for a “Christmas” dinner per their family traditions, yet nothing would be finalized until just several days before, because its not like you can actually plan ahead of time for this… (there are stories, trust me!)

Beforehand, however, we break the “holiday rotation” with my family and celebrate both with them at some point! What can I say?! Some sides of the family are funner than other sides! We typically go to the movies and then celebrate with dessert or cocktails before braving the “Christmas” dinner with the other side.

Here, there are no family nor friends to divvy up day with, and with my work schedule, the craziness of traveling near holidays, and the high-cost of airfare has kept us here. Don’t get me wrong, the city has so much to offer. So much to explore and experience. I just miss people, familiar people, comfortable people. People you know and where it doesn’t feel like a first date (or a 5th date for that matter).

We plan to go hiking, see a movie, and if this the curse of snow continues we will be building a snowman. Perhaps we should think about beginning some new traditions, ones we can enjoy on our own or with friends and family in the future. Your “first” only happens once, so I want it to be enjoyable, not picture perfect -my life is now complete. I just want it to feel like something a little bit special, something more than our typical weekend… this could be wanting too much.

This holiday season I will be FaceTiming my family and talking with friends, and hopefully it will almost feel like they are near. In the end, I want to be present with my family (my husband) here, as we will be eating fabulous food (Sweet & Sour Chicken-one of our holiday traditions) with festive cocktails (they’re festive solely because they will be consumed on a holiday)! I want to be enjoy just being, for I have so much to be thankful for… I have family and friends to miss! And that is truly a great gift!



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