4 Reasons I did NOT move to Portland

There are many reasons a person may have when they choose to move to a new town or city, but there are also reasons that they have to not move to a city. Sometimes a few reasons are known ahead of time, yet more often than not the others are not known until the move occurs. Here are the top reasons I did NOT move to Portland, OR:

  1. Coffee -while I enjoy a latte occasionally, I am not a “I need caffeine to function” type of person. This is a terrible shame due to the coffee shop on every block syndrome here in Portland.
  2. Beer -it just tastes like yeast. That about sums it up. My poor husband will have to go on brewery tours alone.
  3. Pot -perhaps this should have been my first reason; I have never smoked pot nor have a desire to do so.  Therefore, even though its legal I will not be smoking.
  4. Snow -we were told that it did not snow much here… its already snowed several times and winter just began today. My childhood was full of snow and I was hoping to avoid it in my adulthood.

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