The Year of Things

2016 has been a year of many things. Some good some not so good, and some stuck in between. This week has involved many “blah” feelings so I decided that I would sit down and make a list of things “going” for me and the all the things I found to be frustrating… the “going” list outweighed the frustrating list by far, yet my feelings continue to align with the frustrating list.

Its difficult to accept where you are at, especially when that place sucks for no singular and apparent thing/reason. When we decided to pick up our lives and drive 40 hours to a new city, a city we would now call home I was stressed, sad, excited, and scared all at the same time. I was able to accept that because those feelings were so obviously linked to a certain thing…

Here I am left wondering… and while no answer jumps out at me, I will seek to accept myself in this state, with these “blah” feelings not directly correlating with a thing/reason and take the next right step to take care of myself.

Life is full of things, its not all good things or all bad things, but a variety. And sometimes, that just sucks!


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