A Girlfriend Date

After 2 1/2 months of being here, I had my first “girlfriend” date!  I met her at my husband’s work holiday party; she was the date of one of his co-workers. We chatted and exchanged phone numbers, saying that we would meet up for coffee. It took a few weeks to find a date that worked for us both but we did it. We met at a local coffee shop and it felt like it went well, although time will tell.

In a way, it feels like dating for “the one” all over again. And yet, I am not in that desperate, somebody please love me state that I have been in far too many times to count before. I am yearning for friends here, but I am not desperate =believing that I am less than due to my current lack of local friends. Still I want friends, and I know that it will take time.

Sometimes I wish you could order friends on-line, but that would deprive me of the typical  ups and downs of a normal developing friendship.  So here I am, not even an hour after  our coffee date, wondering if she will call…



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