Food that Comforts

Moving is stressful, moving across the country is even more stressful. Sadly emotional eating is a comfort I am all too familiar with. The snow this week, combined with some anxiety about a situation at work has left me reaching for the ice cream (I know, I know, when its 20 degree that in and of itself is an insane option for comfort food).

Rationally, I know what I am doing. I can look at the spoon in my hand and say “I am emotionally eating.” I’ve tried the shaming and the extreme (absolutely no sugar). In the end, the most reliable & healthy option is for me to acknowledge  feeling “blah,” “confused,” “upset,” “angry,” etc… to sit in that (typically) ugly feeling. To reach out and connect with other healthy people, and to focus on the next right step.

Sometimes this can instantly change my desire to emotionally eat, and sometimes it can day several more days for the eating to fall off… but one thing I know for sure. Shaming never ever helps…  would I like to be at a point in  my life where emotionally eating almost never happens?! Yes, but I am not there, I am here right now. I am here and I occasionally emotionally eat.

Today it is Tillamook Double Peanut Butter Ice Cream that I find comfort in.



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