I Went Running Today

Okay, okay, I admit it… I “attempted” to run today. Okay, okay, fine, seriously, I attempted to “jog” today. I purchased a new pair of sneakers this week, after several months of not having a pair (#firsttimeinmylife). And they are horrible!! My feet hurt so bad… it may take me a week to recover before I can exchange them for a pair that actually feel okay-to-good… Blah, and I’ve been having the itch to run. I typically walk or hike several miles every day, but the itch has been growing. I used to run… 7 years ago to be exact.

I loved jogging/running! I was never “good” at it enough to compete or desire to participate in 5- 10Ks, but for me that wasn’t the point. The point was that I felt alive and I was the healthiest I had ever been. That was the only season in life where I felt a strong urge to run. And I loved my running spot! It was on a dam on a large lake. The sun was often setting when I went there, the wind never shy (except some sticky days in summer). I was energized! Then I moved to another part of town and it wasn’t the same.

I have had the logical conversation with myself, that I will never again live there and so I must make peace with running other places and find alternative options that make me want to go and run, yet I feel stuck. That is until this past week.

My hope is to find a new path to run where I feel energized! I’ve alway wanted to be one of those people who wakes up and goes for a run. And then I have to face the reality that I must chose to be that person, it just doesn’t happen. For awhile, I was that person and perhaps I can have that again in my new hometown. That is, once I exchange my sneakers…


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