At long last… I have found my happy place!

Typically, I have found that if one moves to Portland, coffee is adored by that person. Which apparently makes me a hypocrite. I love the smell of coffee, but cannot drink it straight or on a regular basis. My “coffee” is high-maintenance and requires many different additives. And DECAF is a must. Don’t ask me why, ask my body.

All this has left me in a bind on Saturday mornings, when my husband sleeps in and I am tossing and turning after 6 am. Usually, I will go for a long walk (hence the chicken story from last week, next time I will take a photo I promise). And then attempt to find a place to drink tea or high-maintenance lattes to read and write.

Sadly, Starbucks has been that place (although, I am very thankful that for the Health Insurance they provide their employees; we couldn’t have lived without that several years ago). I hate their coffee with the exception  of Pumpkin Spice (I know, cliche, but I have been making Pumpkin Pie for over 20 years, so hah!) and the Egg Nog Latte. Well, the New Year has come and gone which means that I will have to wait around 8 months for those lattes to reappear. And in the past several weeks I have had my share of Chai Tea Lattes to last me of the rest of the year.

Anyways, there are only about 4 Coffee shops around me, which in Portland, means I live on the edge of a desert. And one of them is Starbucks (sorry Whole Foods, I don’t count your little coffee set-up). Another one is like, “we don’t have a menu on the wall, because if you appreciated coffee at all you would know what kind of coffee you like and how you want it brewed.” So yeah, uh, no… The other place, from my impression on walking by, is a place to actually go eat an omelette with bacon and have coffee as an add-on. I am looking for a place to drink tea or lattes and snack on a pastry while relaxing, not to be rushed out by the wait-staff wanting to clean the table for the next people.

And at long last, I have found my place! I think… well, until I want to walk more than 10 blocks that is. It’s a cute place just two blocks from me. Odd hours, but ethnic parties (unfortunately, I will have to wait until next week to try those, they sold out before 9 am). A great view of the happenings in the neighborhood. Soothing music. And as all of Portland, great baristas.

So this raining dreary morning, I will sit and drink my latte, watch the world go by, and read in my happy place!



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