Quality of Life

When we decided to move to Portland, OR we did it because we felt that it would improve our quality of life. Not just financially, although that was a factor (while the cost of living is higher than Nashville, the salaries are higher too). We never quite fit in in SC (we lived there for about 1 year) nor in Nashville, TN (about 4 years).

We tried, we really did. We were the ones hosting dinners, game nights, etc… for 4 years… And while I have a few good friends, our couple-friends were not abundant there. It felt as though all the couples around us were following a checklist. Get married, check. Buy new cars, check. Buy a house, check. Buy an animal, check. Have a baby, check. And they had their peeps and we didn’t quite fit.

We just couldn’t find peace with that list nor did we want to conform to fit in.  So while we may like the idea of following a checklist, it just didn’t work for us. I am thankful that we learned that lesson sooner than later.

In many ways, moving here has greatly improved our lives! We both love our jobs and employers/co-workers. We both love the weather, the parks, and exploration. We both love the people here: all diverse. And as I have said before, this city feels like home like no other place I have ever lived has felt.

In other ways, moving here has decreased my quality of life. My sisters and a few dear friends still in Nashville/Houston causes my heart to grieve. And the location of Portland, doesn’t let itself to travel to the southeastern-side of the U.S. very well.

There are pros and cons to moving anywhere, to living anywhere. And after almost 4 months of being here, the pros are slowly, but surely catching up to the cons… and that makes my heart happy!


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