Bagging It Up

While I am enjoying the majority of living in Portland, there are some things that still rub me the wrong way. Case in point, we went grocery shopping yesterday and the usual chaos of people were there -no big deal. Then we got to the check-out process… (and this is where, if I had fairy dust, would sprinkle it.

Apparently, the main-chain grocery stores here do NOT believe in having baggers (you know, those helpful people who put your items in your (hopefully reusable) bags, while the cashier scans everything and chats with you. Nor do they believe in empowering you to bag your own groceries, hence the counter is set up so that is not even an option.

Sadly, the typical scenario is this: I just spent 30 minutes trying to maneuver around what feels like half of the city and now approach the deep check-out line. The line itself would not be a problem, I am quite patient in line, that is until I can see the doom at the end of the line… The cashier is essentially trying to do 2 jobs at once, and is often failing… to the point that my curly parsley is now flat parsley because they have put heavy cans and such on top of it in the bag… I shudder inwardly, hoping this process ends soon, so I can run out the door and re-arrange our groceries.

I get it, some people throw their stuff “out-of-order” on the conveyer belt and that is what they get. However, what about the people who try?!? People like me, who put all my produce together (heavier produce first like potatoes), and put all my heavier stuff together?!? Why does it feel like I am being punished despite my efforts?!

I grew up in New York, where I remember being in awe of the cashiers and baggers who bagged so well (that was not supposed to sound so dirty… anyways). It was like watching Tetris… AMAZING! And your curly parsley would still be curly when you got home.  Also, they did not put cold items next to produce in order to prevent wilting and such. A concept that I thought was common sense…

Then I moved to the South where this skills lacked, but they had space and loved it when you bagged your own groceries (so polite the south)! And my problems were solved until now… it’s difficult, I can’t lie. I have only had one cashier who bagged well, and I complimented him one it. He was shocked to hear that I have had such poor experiences, I assured him that this rare skill of his would take him far in life (well, it should take him far in my opinion).

For now I will have the opportunity to practice patience as the cashiers attempt to do 2 jobs and keep F****** it up.  Oh, I meant, bagging it up….



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