Hi, my name is Heather & I am a Podcast Junkie

Its true, I am obsessed with Podcasts… Last August a friend helped me download/find the podcast app & recommended several podcasts to listen to. I never did. My husband has listened to podcasts for several years, but I never made the transition from reading books or listening to books on tape. How sad that I did not know what I was missing.

Thanks to FB, I saw a podcast that had Brene’ Brown as the guest. I listened and loved, then I listened more, and more, and more, and more… it’s like little Tedtalks all day long!

Since moving to Portland a few months ago, it has been lonely… I miss my friends, all of them, the ones who are funnier than fun, the quiet serious ones but overall, my friends that challenge me to grow. I miss having friends who are seeking authenticity and having weekly conversations with them. I miss sharing life with them! Through the podcasts I feel like I have gained friends, quality friends who are encouraging me to grow by being themselves and seeking a healthy life.

My favorite podcast thus far is “Good Life Project” by Jonathan Fields. Some are just him speaking on various topics, and in others he is interviewing many people that I have appreciated for years. It is refreshing to hear them speak more in-depth and beyond what they wrote in their books. There are also many new people that I am being introduced to!

I am trying to take it slow, I want to process what I am listening to and see how it can be implemented into my own life. Whenever I am taking in a bunch of information, I know that journaling and processing are very important. Otherwise, I spew all my new found wisdom upon the next person who crosses my path and that is never a pretty thing.

Life is a balanced process, we need people around us who have similar values to walk along with us, we need those a few steps behind to encourage by sharing our story, and we need those a few steps ahead to dispute the fear that we are not worth, nor able to take another step forward in designing a healthy life. Who knew that listening to Podcasts would provide such support?!

Hi, my name is Heather and I am designing a life of healthiness, one moment at a time.




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