Shiny “New” Car No More

We are VERY VERY lucky to have a garage to park our car in. For those of you who live in a city, I am sure you can understand. Not only is our spot guaranteed, but it also reduces the risk of our car being broken into (p.s. there is absolutely nothing of value in our car, just cinnamon gum and a half-full box of tissues). Over the holiday it was difficult to takes walks around the city and see several cars that were broken into.

My work is also on a quiet street, where parking is 99% of the time not an issue; I have “my” spot! So imagine my surprise as this past week I began to notice so many F****** scratches on our car!!!! Granted, if we do park on the street when we go places, there are usually bushes and such next to the curb, but not enough to cause this many, or so I thought! There was also that time Whole Foods, where are car swiped ours and didn’t bother to leave a note. Thankfully, most of which will someday (if its ever nice enough -its been a tough winter) buff out when we wash our car.

All that said, I am coming to the realization that our car currently has and will continue to have even more marks than my former 13 year old car had …. What?! Seriously?!(Okay, okay, I am still in a bit of shock).  And I am working to embrace the reality that the resale value of the car diminishes with every new little scratch…

I am having to accept this first-world powerlessness problem… there are so many factors that are causing this issue, and most cannot be controlled. There are the overgrown bushes on the side of the road encroaching your  parking space, there are the narrow parking spot in parking lots (seemingly) all over town, there are the swipers who don’t bother to leave their notes, and there are the people who brush your car with their jacket or bags as they walk by… add in a bike rack that is leaving marks after becoming a “permanent” fixture on the car…

I choose to be thankful for my “newer” car, scratches and all. Especially when its raining out (like now) and I got to drive home, while my husband (albeit, by choice) is riding his bike home. I am thankful for my garage, and that for but a brief moment, no new scratches can occur!


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