5 Things Good & 5 Things Bad

5 Things that I LOVE about this city:

1-Sidewalks almost everywhere

2-Friendly people

3-Beauitful weather (yes, even the rainy days)

4-The hiking options

5-The food (just beginning to explore all the wonderful places to eat)


5 Things that drive me CRAZY about this city:

1-Lack of yard maintenance (yes, it is the Pacific Northwest “look” to have lots of greenery, but prune it already!)

2-People’s inability to park on the street (i.e. leaving room for others to park as well when there is plenty of space)

3-People riding without helmets (=idiots) & in ALL-black clothes (=major idiots)

4-The grocery bagging issue (please see previous post)

5-The pot-head who falls asleep in his truck while revving the engine right outside of your house for over 2 hours in the middle of the night…


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