First Thursday

The Art Museum offers free access on the first Thursday of the month. Which is quite nice for those who attempt to live on a budget while enjoying life, art, etc…

It was raining (surprise), and we went from the very long line at the front of the museum where we had to stand outside to a much shorter line at a side door. At times like these (waiting in-line), I love to people-watch… and oh my, I was not disappointed. The line was taking longer than anticipated and I noticed that a man was having a, how shall I put this, an “intense” conversation with security.

Soon, I am close enough to understand the drama unfolding before us. Apparently, a mid-thirty year old hipster guy with a beard was struggling to understand why he could not take his full water-bottle into the museum. The security officer handling him was very professional and kind when explaining the policy. The hipster did not want to check-it at coat check, so he stood there finishing his water-bottle.

At that very moment, a Mom and her young child (probably under 2 years old), walked by and they must have had a bottle/sippy cup in a side pocket of their diaper bag. This upset the hipster, he felt that he was being discriminated against. After all, if a baby/toddler needs access to liquids while in the museum, then shouldn’t he?!?! After all, what if he was in the museum and suddenly became “parched”????  {I was trying so hard to not laugh out loud.}

The hipster continued to drink his water bottle while interrogating security about this dire situation. The last part of the conversation I caught was security explaining why people with medical conditions might require immediate access to water, hence they are the exception to the rule. However, being “parched” was still a part of the rule… and that he was not being discriminated against.

I find it hysterical, while deeply sad, that this hipster truly felt that he was being discriminated against because he could not bring in his water-bottle in case he became “parched.” In a world where discrimination negatively effects people daily, it’s just sad in the end.

Giving him the benefit of doubt, perhaps the hipster was high?! It is Portland after all…

#hipsterfail #lifeisntallaboutyou #medicalconditionsneedtoberespected #childrenneedtoberespected #drinkbeforeyoucome



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