The Other Side of the River

All of my life up until now, has been spent in the south-west/north-west side of whatever city I have lived in… seriously, random right?! So, imagine the adjustment (I know, I know, most people probably wouldn’t even register this as a “thing”) to be living in the south-east side of the city. Technically, right on the edge of north-east, but nonetheless, I am living in the east-side of Portland. And it is different for sure.

Looking back over the last 3-4 places, in various states ,that I have lived, the west-side has always held a more pretentious attitude, while the east-side was left for artists and such… It wasn’t a conscious choice to live on the west-side, it just happened. The west-side always had cleaner streets, wealthier people (which can be a good or bad thing), nicer libraries, etc… and the east-side, well, lets just say that I wouldn’t go there alone at night to walk the streets…

All that being said, I like the east-side, definitely rougher around the edges, but I like this “grit”!  Sure you have more run down rentals, but it has a small-city feel; where everything is accessible. There are very few restaurants on this side of town that I know of where dinner there would not be an option for us due to the price-point. The west-side (downtown, pearl district) is another story. One difference that I appreciate is that the libraries here on the on the east-side have been far nicer, albeit smaller, than the large library on the west-side.

Yesterday, I took a personal day off of work to finally establish myself as a patient with an allergist, chiropractor, etc… My first and second appointments were on the west side of the city, which is probably reason for this whole post. It was the Portland I remember from when we came to visit over a year ago for vacation. It was nice to visit, but it didn’t feel like “my” city. After spending hours on the west side, paying for parking several times, walking blocks and blocks, I was all too happy to drive over the bridge back to my “city.”

My only remorse for living on the east-side, is that comparatively to the west-side, our Whole Foods suck… they don’t mean too, they’re just to small to satisfy someone who had the huge Whole Foods/Whole Body combo in the last city… Alas, the problems of finally living where the cool hip people are…


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