I’m Easy Like That

In the last two days I have given my number out to several women that I have met at different stores and such. Whether they call or text is another story, but I feel good. It’s difficult to put yourself out there when your single and dating, but it’s expected and the “norm.” Being married and looking for friendship can come across as needy, so there is a delicate balance. Time will tell if I achieved that…

It’s humbling in some ways, I want to make new friends here -from casual to fun to more in-depth. I want us (my husband & I) to make some couple friends too and that is twice as difficult. I feel very vulnerable which often feels like being needy. I have my core friends across the country, the ones I call to hash over my sadness, anger, or to celebrate my joy. Yet, they aren’t here to take a walk with me, bake, or watch a movie. And that is what my heart wants right now.

We said we would give it a year, to figure out whether in this city we love so much, can we have community? I can’t wait to look back and see all the dots connect, but for right now all I can do is find/create the next dot. For me that is being open to friendship possibilities with the people I meet, yet remaining in a healthy place where its okay if our paths don’t cross again, whether its their lack of interest or its just not a good fit.

Friends, the funny ones, the casual ones, the crazy ones, the heart-to-heart ones are worth the time and energy it took to meet them and then create a friendship with them.

Here I am, ready to invest, ready to give out my number like I’m easy…



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