The Reality of Living in a City

Update (3/1717): We have since learned that our neighbors vehicle was parked on a neighboring road, which made us feel slightly safer, yet the reality of the situation still stings…

Yesterday morning, I received a text from our neighbors. A text that shook us to the core. After days and days and days of cold rain, it was finally a picturesque day! The sun was out and it was the warmest its been since we moved here. And it was Friday, yet none of that mattered after the text. One of their cars was stolen, right out side of our house. Literally 20 feet from our living room window…

We were told that “its not IF your car gets broken into, its WHEN it gets broken into.” However, nobody mentioned that cars were actually stolen… It has effected our ability to feel safe in our own home. And our hearts are angry for our neighbors.

Our neighbors are sweet people, who work hard; they are honest and generous. And now someone, who didn’t care how their actions would effect others, has greatly effected our neighbors. Insurance won’t cover the cost of what all has been lost. Perhaps in some ways, we are angry, because we can all too easily see how that would effect us not only financially, but practically in daily transportation. The time, the energy, the finances, the ability to feel safe…

I want to be mad at the person who did this, who took more than just a car. I want there to be justice, but know that isn’t likely. I want to simmer in my righteous anger, yet I keep wondering what the person’s (who stole the car) life-story is. Not that it justifies or nullifies their actions, whatsoever.

I have read that in order to feel safe we need resolution about situations in our lives; we make up the end of stories so we feel better, whether its true or not. I guess, I want to make up that the person did it out of dire need, rather than perverted joy… Its difficult to accept that closure (especially closure that makes you feel good) is not always an option.

As several of my dear friends like to say, its another AFGO: Another Fucking Growth Opportunity!

To find inner peace when the situation is unresolved and questions will never have answers that satisfy. To figure out what we need to feel safe again. To not live in daily fear that our grill or patio furniture will walk away, let alone our car.



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