A Time-warp to the 90s

This past weekend we had about 3 full days of sunshine and warmer weather after several weeks of rain. It was glorious! So many people were out and about. On Sunday, we went for a drive to explore our new city. While driving through some neighborhoods, there was a whole group of kids 5-6 of them (6-10 yrs old) playing in the street.

My husband and I both turned toward each other, mouths hanging open. WTF?! Now, I have seen 1-2 kids playing in a yard, or one kid shooting hoops in the street, but that is it… In the last 3 states I have lived in and over the past 15 years I have not seen kids playing like that. We felt like we were 12 again, back in the 90s for just a moment.

So, if you are looking to for a time-warp to the 90s, NE Portland is where its at… but only when the sun is shining and there is a warm breeze in the air!



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