A Busy Week

My life feels much busier here, which is funny because my social life is 10% of what it used to be (for now at least). This week, we went to a Risk Management talk by an Astronaut (Jim Weatherby), went out with my husband’s former co-worker and wife who were in town for vacay, I had a doctors appointment and another appointment this afternoon. Along with the typical grocery run, library drop-offs, and walgreens errand.

In a way it has been a good distraction to this “day-light” saving thing and the dark dreary mornings, but in the end, I am just exhausted by the time the weekend roles around. Thankfully, we have already cleaned the house, yet still, despite the quantity of caffeine I consume, I am tired. Very tired. Ready for a 3 day weekend or a week off of life and all the details that reality holds (washing dishes, taking out the trash, paying bills, etc).

At times I am quite frustrated that I am not one of those people who have constant energy and accomplish so much! At the same time, I am jealous of the people who know how to relax and feel refreshed after watching hours and hours of TV… Alas, I will try to do a few things I want to do this weekend (baking, hiking, crafting), but I have a feeling a long, long nap is my destiny this weekend.




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