The Ants Go Marching

The ants are back… again! I can handle ants, but ants in my bed is a line that should never be crossed! And apparently, the ants did not get my memo and are back for a second go-around which has lasted 3 weeks, going onto 4 weeks! At times they have been so bad that I have slept on the couch.

We had rosemary spray (the natural alternative -given to us by the management company), which the ants don’t seem to mind too much and which makes me and my husband feel disgustingly sick.

Then the bug guy came and baited….

Then we literally caulked our entire bedroom and that helped for 2-3 nights….

And now, now they are back again in our bedroom, too close to our bed for comfort! It would seem like they appreciate our selection of bed sheets.

After living in the south for almost 10 years, one could say that ants are much better than cockroaches, and in that regard I totally agree. But in the 10 years I lived in the south, only once did a cockroach join me in my bed…

We tried to tell the ants, “hey, we have a whole dry basement, kitchen, living room, and office that you are more than welcome to make your foraging grounds.” And no luck…


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