The Top Dogs

When we lived in Nashville we had two puppies live in our “neighborhood.”  One was a yellow lab named Hank & the other one was a corgi named George… no joke.  Labs have never particularly been a favorite of mine and honestly, I don’t think I knew what a corgi was until George moved in. And there were various other breeds here and there, but no one breed stood out.

All that to say, from my multiple walks a day here, I have noticed some much beloved dog breeds here in Portland.  So, without further ado, here are the Top 3 Dog Breeds in Portland:

  1. Corgis
  2. Bulldogs/pugs -granted not the “same” dog, but similar body structures.
  3. Australian Shepherds

And if you wanted to know, here are my favorite dogs in Portland to date:

  1. Merlin -our Corgi neighbor
  2. Grayson -a beautiful large black mixed breed at my work
  3. Charlies -a miniature Hound dog at my work
  4. Henry -a straw-haired mutt from Hawaii at my husband’s work (my husband is his favorite co-worker)

Sadly, we will not be getting our own dog anytime soon, so we will continue to enjoy the lovable dogs around us by spoiling them rotten, and then sending them home! 😉


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