The Peak Weather

My childhood was spent in the NE are of the country, where winter was the dominant season and gray skies ruled most of those days. It was depressing to say the least. So when the 3 month summer season would come, I would make the most of it. The ideal time to be out and enjoying the rays of Vitamin D were from 11am-2pm. How I knew this, I wasn’t sure, but I was ready for those hours everyday.

Then I moved to the sunny south, where sunshine was never more than a day or two away. It was glorious! In South Carolina, it felt as though anytime in the summer between 9am-6pm where just F****** hot. And in Tennessee, the peak hours ranged from 12-3pm. These noted hours were important for me to plan around. Some days when I wanted to spend more time outside, I would avoid these hours, and other days these peak hours were perfect for some pool time.

Since moving to Portland, I have not thought much about these peak hours, as summer is a few months away. However, spring is sneaking in and my employer finally verbalized what I had been slowly experiencing.  Just as the sun stays out later here, the weather follows a similar suit, in that the peak hours don’t peak until 2/3-6pm!

This means that when my husband and I got home from work last night, it felt so nice out that we ended up walking 30 blocks to the River and back… why? Because darkness wasn’t shrouding around us and the cool weather wasn’t seeping into our bones. It made me feel alive! So often at the end of the day, working out or another more physically involved activity sounds exhausting, but here, last night, it felt like we were given a gift! I could get used to these delayed peak hours!



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