Petty Theft

Today, our package, or rather my package was stolen off our porch… our neighbor saw the whole thing and attempted to stop the lady, but no luck. After our other neighbor’s car was stolen, it shouldn’t surprise us that packages can walk off. Lesson learned and now we are having all packages shipped to our works. (Side note: our renter’s insurance, credit card, and REI all had options to be refunded.) We went with REI since I had purchased the items with a coupon and dividends.

My hear sank when the neighbor told us, I had been saving for a new rain jacket since my other one literally leaks water down my back (it is 5 years old). Petty theft is common here in Portland, far worse than anything in Nashville where we used to live.

Its been a dramatic evening to say the least… Apparently, there is a drug dealer in the building next to ours, and her visitors have been stealing packages, attempted break-in, etc… We are installing a security system to prevent any other drama on our home-front. And asking the landlord to install bars on some easy-to-access windows.

Here’s another AFGO: Another Fucking Growth Opportunity…



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