Morning Routines

My husband has recently begun walking with me in the morning. Which has been very helpful with the actual discipline involved in rolling out of bed in the dark, and too often the rain. We both grab our shoes and coats, put on headphones to listen to audio books and head out the door.

One thing I have noticed, and perhaps thought would change as warmer weather has arrived, but hasn’t: people taking a morning walk/run. Anywhere that I have lived people have been out power walking, running, etc… for all the mornings at all the various times and on all the various routes, not many people here have said morning routine.

I find this curious and at first chalked it up to more people walking and biking to work, hence it would make sense that they’re not out and about just for the sake of exercise. However, that only accounts for some of the people…

I will see dog walkers, pot smokers, and early workers occasionally, but that’s it… weird. Granted, there are a lot of runners/walkers along the river after work, so maybe people just save their work outs for later in the day?! Perhaps the weather here peaking around dinnertime has something to do with it as well? However, it was 60 degrees this morning…

So the mystery remains… are Portlanders just not morning people? Or people who like to exercise in the morning?


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