Vintage 90s Grunge

This week has been filled with Portlanders sporting their 90s best. You know, those jeans your mom used to wear (the high waist and where the butt seam gives you a wedgie), the leather purse with various colors sewn haphazardly together and big clopping shoes. This was a trend in Nashville as well, but there it was “I just bought my 90s looking clothes from the mall the other day.” Here its like, “Thrifting!”

Portland is like a time machine back to my childhood… it feels good for a moment, then there is impending dread, and finally relief to remember that for all the good the 90s had, it is and will be forever over. Except the clothes, they’re here to stay!

What you see people wearing on Portlandia is quite accurate for part of the population. This is greatly comforting to someone like me, who struggles with style. In Nashville, the style was preppy, southern-country music star, a hint of the 90s, and snobbery hipster. I never quite fit in; here I blend right in, between the “I only wear brands sold at REI” & the “Thrift store special!”



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