The past two weeks here in Portland have been rather glorious with the mild weather and sunshine! Almost too awesome… that is until the headaches set in because your not used to ANY sunshine for days-weeks! One day at work, I was tempted to go out to my car to get my sunglasses to wear inside! Crazy, I know. You would think that 10 years of living in the south would have made me accustom to the rays. Sadly, this ability to love the sun rays without restraint has remained in Nashville.

This brings us to Maui, a natural transition I know. We leave on Saturday for a work/vacay trip to Maui. I envisioned me soaking in the rays every possible moment while we are there, yet reality set in last weekend that my relationship with the sun has changed significantly. Not only will I bring both pairs of sunglasses that I own, but I bought a beach hat… tacky as some can be when one is not actually at a beach, yet I believe it will be vital to my happiness during this trip.

So, this next week I will bask “in the sun” beneath my styling beach hat and sunglasses! Trying to enjoy each moment that the sun is shining and that it is not raining!




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