Sun & Sand All Over the ‘Land

Maui… is all I could have hoped that it would be! The sunshine & beaches are a given, yet there is so much more. The people here, the history & culture… the fruit, the food… the plants & animals… the sunsets…. all of it is so very beautiful! My heart is very happy here. I am soaking it in for those too many to count rainy days in Portland.

Several times this week we have been asked where we are from and we stutter with “Nash..Portland!” No one particularly notices our mistakes and the conversation continues. Yet, I notice…

They say your new home doesn’t feel home until you have gone on a trip and come back again, I wonder if that  is true for us -me in particular. I love Portland & I love Nashville; for very different reasons. So when I go home to Portland, will it finally and forever feel like home?! Or will it just be a home for this season of life that we are in? And when will Nashville stop feeling like “home”?

While I don’t know what will be in the future, I do know that my heart is still struggling with the transition from “being from Nashville” to “being from Portland.” Maybe, just maybe this trip to Maui will allow me to feel the relief ones feels after a long trip and is heading “home,” home to Portland.


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