Home again in Portland

Saturday, after a 7 hour flight with 3 screaming toddlers, I was ready to be home. Several times my mind wandered to us unpacking in our old house and I would have to remind myself that we would be unpacking in our new house. The Portland airport felt weird, still very much unfamiliar… but lying in my bed last night felt amazing! And it only took me a minute after I woke up to remember where I was!

Our flight got in pretty late, so we took the light rail to a Reach Now car and drove home, unpacked, then headed over to Sizzle Pie at 11pm… and boy, was it crowded with happy drunk people! lol

It felt familiar yet new, a good balance. Nashville was very familiar, but sometimes “stagnate.” I still miss my sisters, that will always be the case as long as we live in different cities. For now, though, Portland, slowly but surely, is feeling like home!



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