Since Maui it has been quite difficult to adjust back to Portland… the rain has not helped.  I knew what I was doing and consciously chose to do it. Yet, at times I wondered why it is so “taboo” to hide or isolate at times. In moderation, I think that hiding can help more than hinder. So I hid for about 2 weeks, then last week I over committed myself like a good co-dependant for an organizing gig, babysitting, etc. It was a great week, it flew by, I utilized my skills, but in the end it wore me down. Combine that, little sleep and a sore throat from allergies and I am pretty sure that I will be hiding once again until my Southeast trip in two weeks!

Overall, I feel that I am over the hump of getting back. We have fallen into our routines once again and are enjoying Portland at its finest (without any rain)! Fingers-crossed that I will not need such a long hiding/re-adjustment period after my trip to Houston and Nashville!

Moving is difficult, moving across the country, F****** sucks.

I am thrilled about my trip, yet the days will be short and the minutes shorter… I know that it will be weird to revisit what was once my “home.” And I know coming back to my new hometown could potentially suck far more than it did when I returned from Maui.

As one who likes to plan ahead, I tried to figure out a system or habit or something that will make the transition easier… but then I wonder, is it supposed to be hard… or does it just become easier with time?

To all those who have moved, far from friends and family, you are F****** brave!!!



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