8 Months

After 8 months of living in the the “coffee shop” capitol of the US, we are at a coffee shop together for the first time. Quite a nice place, Cup & Bar. Not overrun with people, yet still that hipster local vibe. And they give you a little piece of chocolate with your lattes. Who can say no to that?!

The past month has been a bit dramatic with the job change and all… still recovering from that as I begin another job… hence my writing has slacked. Let’s be honest, when you find yourself in survival mode without notice and in desperate need for a job, who has time to enjoy all the charms and quirks of this fine city called Portland? I promise, I will try to do better.

To recap the past 8 months of living here (in no particular order):

  1. Moving across the country -not the faint of heart


+blown tire on the uhaul

+2 less than sanitary “hotel/motels”

+fear of being “rednecked”… (driving through gun promoting, white, current president supporting country in the middle of nowhere)

+saying goodbye to friends and family

+living at an Air B&B for a week while trying to find a place to rent

2.  Adjusting to a new city

+missing brands/foods items not found, while finding other amazing

+overwhelmed with all the stimuli for the first 6 weeks (so many people, shops, cars, bikes, etc)

+putting yourself out there to meet new people with no response (at least 4 different occasions)

+way more fucking snow and rain than anyone anticipated

+hibernated for several months (= meeting no new people)

+new jobs and all the fun that entails

3. Socialization

+friendly cashiers (short and sweet, but what you need when you essentially work by yourself)

+husband’s co-workers are awesome on the few social occasions I saw them

+neighbors are wonderful (but its that slow and delicate balance of too much too soon, especially when their front door is 10 feet from ours)

4. Hiking

+ Forrest Park (Pacific NW feel)

+Mount Tabor (for easy hike)

+Powel Butte (open spaces)

+Angel’s Rest (bring food!)

+Tillamook Forrest (next weekend)

5. Travel

+Maui (love, love, love). Totally unexpected work trip, but its in our hearts forever!

+Nashville and Houston to see friends and family; meeting our friends’ baby and visiting our old coffee shop.

6. Random

+Experienced our first hate crime; add another hate crime this past month in the city… 😦

+”Resigned” from my job because my employers changed the contract without a conversation.

+Beginning a new job that requires much more and is significantly further away from where I live, yet after a first trial week, I think I like it. It allows space for me to be me, to use all my skills and creativity.  I am no  longer being asked to check part of myself at the door.

+Loss… my friend lost her Mother and I wanted to jump on a plane to be there, but life is complicated and doesn’t always allow the time or resources for that. I am thankful to have met her Mother and to have experienced the love and care she had for people through her daughter (my friend) and her  grandchildren.

+Finances… always a tricky topic, but honestly, even with rent being $800 more than what we used to pay (in the last affordable place in Nashville “proper”), we earn more, which means fuck you student loans!!!!

+Taking several months to register our car here, no joke, be prepared for it to be a “process.”

+Weather last week: 55-60, cold and rainy; Weather this week: 70-80s, partly cloudy.

+Cup & Bar: amazing coffee and amazing workers make for the best coffee experience possible!  So worth the 8 month wait! lol





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