Portland “Again”

One of my dearest friends (O) came to visit this past weekend. And while I was looking forward to our adventures, I wasn’t quite prepared for the joy and pride I felt when showing her around. Everything from Portland riverfront to the coast. It was a gift to see this place that I have called home through fresh eyes. While Portland (and every other city) has its problems, I am thankful for this season here in Oregon. Our long weekend was a blur of activities and has left me in dire need of a nap!

Here is a snapshot:

FRIDAY- plane delayed, unpack, lunch at New Seasons, Sauvie Island for blueberry and peach picking, driving around the city, for a general tour & Taqueria Nueve.

SATURDAY- Voodoo (no judgment please, O wanted to go and honestly, it was good!), 4.5 mile hike at Forrest Park, Saturday Market, explore the riverfront, walk to Laurelhurst park from my house, grilled out with mojitos,  walk to fifty licks for ice cream & visit Powell’s on Hawthorne.

SUNDAY- Hike Tabor, drive over a random bridge to WA (O had never been), explore St. Helen’s downtown, Berry Patch Restaurant for lunch with Marion berry pie for dessert, ferry over to Puget Island, explore the beach, pizza on the beach at sunset (from literally the only place open Sunday night within a 45 min radius).

MONDAY- Walk on the beach, 4.5 bike ride around the island, tour a micro-farm, see a bald eagle(!), visit Astoria, climb the column and fly a glider off of it (mini wood airplane), hipster lunch at the Blue Scorcher Bakery Cafe, a quick stop at Gearhart Beach,     then an epic adventure at Ecola State Park (where we saw a baby seal!), and then the finale of Pacific Ocean at Indian Beach. A quick dinner at Chick fil A, enjoying the warm weather!

TUESDAY- Morning walk, O packs up, a walk to Crema for an amazing zucchini muffin  & chai latte then farewell at the airport.

It was sad to see her go, yet I am so thankful she came to see my life here in Portland! Its always rejuvenating to have a “stay-cation” with someone visiting from out of town. I forgot that it can breathe life into the daily norm, which was perfect timing!

O brings out the best in me, she brings out the adventurous side me and for that reason alone, we are already planning our next trip. Whether it will be here in Oregon again, we don’t know. There is certainly a lot more to do (Mt. Hood, Crater Lake, etc). Yet, we may just find ourselves on a ranch in Montana… time will tell!  Until then, I will enjoy seeing Portland with fresh eyes once again.


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