Dog Sitting

This past weekend we watched our neighbors lil’ corgi. We took it for walks, played, refreshed his water and fed him. After a wonderful weekend with him, we both (animal loving people), decided that it is still NOT time to get a dog or a cat.

Living in Portland and not having an animal of any sort is quite taboo for this liberal city.   We both work in places that are dog friendly and get a fair share doggie playtime and enough dog hair on our clothes that people would assume we have several dogs.

Part of the truth is that my husband (T) is allergic to cats & dogs; while he has had some shots to help, it doesn’t help with all breeds of dogs. And I am allergic to dogs, despite 3 years of shot -my nose still gets itchy.

The other part of the truth is that when we get a dog, we want to do it intentionally (and yes, we know that there will never be a perfect time, but trust me there will be much better times to do it than now). Right now T works over 60hrs a week and I will be working 40+ hrs in high care-giving roles at both my part-times jobs. Plus, as anyone who rents know, you have to make monthly payments to even have a dog/cat, even after you “bought”/rescued the dog/cat.

When we get home, we barely have time or energy for each other, let alone an animal. This weekend was a great, we got to be the fun “aunt & uncle” then give the dog back to his mom and dad. Someday out there, we will be proud animal owners, until then, we will play the roles of doting “aunt & uncles” to all the dogs/cats in our lives.

Honestly, while I want a cat and dog someday, my heart’s childhood desire is to once again have a teddy bear hamster… sooner than later. I am currently beginning my 2 year plan of subtle hints to convince my husband that this is a good idea.



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