Mount St. Helen

This past weekend we attempted a day trip to Mount St. Helen yet again… someone (not me) found directions to the wrong place, adding several hours to the trip, hence, we never actually made it to her. Our first attempt left us at the visitor center for a brief visit, where we began our education about her activity in 1980. This only left us with a thirst for more. Thankfully our most recent visit to the  Forestry Center & the Johnston Ridge Observatory (the people there were most helpful!) answered questions we did not know we even had.  This has made us realize that there is more to learn about volcanoes and their behavior and we are excited to continue the learning process!

The hike at Mount St. Helen was grounding, as life swirls around me on a daily basis, and as I begin my two part-time jobs this week after being unemployed for several weeks. It was nice to stop, to listen to the silence, to see things I haven’t seen before and to gain further appreciation for nature and how the world is constantly changing.

So, if you ever find yourself in Washington state for a day trip, I highly recommend Mount St. Helen. Just make sure you find the correct directions…


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