This past week Portland is experiencing a heavy smog of soot and ash as the forest around Multnomah Falls burn… Its sad because it wasn’t supposed to happen, its sad because is has not been contained yet, its sad because it has now joined forces with another fire, its sad because there are many people who are giving their all in attempts to make this stop, its sad because many people have been waiting to see if they need to evacuate, its sad because many people a stuck indoors (to escape the dangerous levels of toxins in the air), and personally, its sad because Multnomah Falls was on our adventure list… yet to have been discovered.

An acquaintance posted a photo of FB of a forest who has burned down a year or two before, and now in place of the tall trees offering shade, it had become a meadow of wildflowers -the beginning of new forest. A silver-lining? One hopes…

There is much to wildfires that I did not know.  If it burns very hot fire, it will scorch the earth to the point of it takings years to ever grow anything again, whereas, the milder the fire, the quicker it will continue the cycle forest needs to survive over the generations.

I wish safety of everyone this wildfire affects and hope that this season of smog quickly comes to an end and that next year we will see wildflowers where tree once stood.



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