A Year in Portland

Last week marked a year how living here in Portland, OR. Its been a year that has had many mixed feelings… and this past week has perhaps been the most intense (yes, even more intense then my job crisis in June and then again in July). It has included:

Friends having to put their dog down due to invasive  cancerous tumors (with just hours between diagnosis and saying goodbye).

Friends having to say goodbye to a loved one going into intensive rehab.

Friends having their relative have a stroke and difficulty in recovery afterwards.

Friends having surgery and complications.

House on fire down the street -we went to help in anyway we could, thankfully everyone (animals included) were okay & the house was saved.

In a way, the intensity of this past week has helped to realign my perspective about Portland. There are some things here that I will never like and that is okay; there are some things that I will miss dearly when we move. But for now, I am grateful for this past year and all the lessons learned, people met, and adventures we’ve been on. I can truly say that I am looking forward to another year in Portland, a city that insists on keeping it weird!



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