A Gray Hair

Mondays are never “fun,” add to that the finding of my first gray hair. I am partially in denial, as my hair is various natural shades of dirty blonde… and I had just used new dry shampoo this past Monday. Whether it was truly my first gray hair or just my ultra blonde hair covered in clay/dry shampoo, I will never know. Either way, its going to happen… someday, way out there… right?!

If one were to ask me how I felt about gray hair, I would have said that I would embrace mine when it came!  My Grandmother who raised me, had dark curly hair with gray throughout and it was stunning. She, Stella, had always wanted “white” hair; when her eyesight weakened, she would ask me frequently if her hair had become more white than gray… over time it did indeed become a nice mixture of gray & white. I want the same.

I would assume that my hair will one day be a very light blonde, gray and white mixture as my hair never darkened as my bio parents and sibling’s hair did in adulthood… time will tell. Until then, every time I happen across a “gray hair” I will wish my sister’s lived near me to tell me if I am making things up or if, indeed, at 32 I have my first gray hairs…

I was surprised by my reaction… surprised that 1- I was surprised, 2-I couldn’t mentally adjust my expectations (whatever the hell they were) as to not have an emotional reaction, 3-I asked my husband to confirm my suspicions, but lets just leave it at “I wish my sisters were here to ask instead”…

In end, gray hair or not, my body will continue to change and while some view it as all bad, I don’t want to do that. From my experience life keeps changing, each and every year, and overall for the better. Sure I don’t have as much energy as when I was a teenager, but the emotional maturity that has developed over the years beats that any day.

So this is me, with my one gray hair, thankful for another day to live life. 🙂


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