A Cat Show

Today we went to the CFA’s (Cat Fanciers Association) Cat Show at the Portland Expo Center. It was pretty amazing. We are not cat-crazed people, (see my previous post about owning pets), yet it was enjoyable to see so many varieties, to learn about their evolution, watch judges assess and assign ribbons, but what took the cake was to see kittens attempt an obstacle course… strong emphasis on attempt!

We have two cat nephews, whom we adore and buy holiday gifts to alleviate the guilt of  moving across the country without saying goodbye to them… and only seeing them for a minute when we visited Nashville in the spring. Oh, and I sent them pipe-cleaners a few months ago and I think we’re almost forgiven!

Cats… so much to learn… my favorite is the Maine Coon (love the long hair). Also, cats are not self-cleaners… so if you little fur ball is licking itself to death, it needs your help! Consider this my PSA for the evening.

All in all, it was overwhelming… so many toys, cat trees, cat cages (bigger than our couch), cat food, bowls, etc… There was even a professional photographer there to do a photoshoot with costumes & accessories!

The show was definitely on the feel good and fuzzy-side compared to the gun show being hosted across the parking lot. I would highly recommend, that if you even remotely enjoy cats, to check out a cat show near you!



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