In sickness and in health

Marriage vows don’t actually go into detail of what “sickness” covers… and my poor husband (T) has discovered what this little “clause” actually means these past few months… He’s the first one to tell you that he is naturally “selfish” and not always good at helping others in need. Well, he has had a lot of practice this season… apparently, my body hates Portland. Last year I had my usual 2 sinus infections, this year… A sinus infection that lasted over 2  months, then another infection a month later and now the stomach bug. Needless to say, I am doing my best to be my own nurse as T is working two jobs and is going to be taking time off next week to take care of me after my sinus surgery. The hope (and hopefully appropriate expectation) is that after the surgery I will be better, feel better, be able to actually breath well, stop snoring as much, and most importantly, never be the f****** sick again.

Is that too much to ask?!


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